Developing and maintaining a shipping strategy that provides a high level of foresight into truckload shipping fluctuations is easier said than done, but we are focused on helping you get there. With an influx of automated systems and constant shifts in market demands required to thrive in the freight industry, is your company maintaining a shipping strategy that gives you proactive foresight into truckload shipping fluctuations? Let’s explore the current standing of truckload shippers and how to know whether it’s time to reconsider your truckload strategy….

Your Strategy Needs To Be Flexible and Data Driven

The state of the industry calls for businesses to adjust around supply and demand through a strategy that is flexible, reliable, and data-driven. One way to identify the right time to grow your freight truckload shipping strategy is through a freight audit. When choosing a method of shipment, you should be working within your deadline, budget, and freight requirements. The strategy should be fluid and flexible enough to continue evolving along with market demand while reacting to any obstacles or trends.

Building the Right Truckload Strategy for Your Business

Here are a few examples of factors that can influence your strategy…

  • Lead time – The days between tender of shipment and required pick date
  • Demand volatility – The frequency and volume of tenders in a lane or corridor
  • Regional sensitivity – Over and under supplied markets
  • Dwell time – The average time it takes to load and unload shipments for each lane

Right Amounts Through the Right Lanes at the Right Times

The volume of shipments you offer carriers needs to be meaningful to their network. Volume in and of itself isn’t attractive on its own. It’s about offering the right amount of shipments, in the right lanes, and at the right times. A truckload strategy can greatly enhance your ability to execute across your plan and budget, and it can deliver flexibility to your supply chain that you haven’t seen in the past. The truckload shipping market is subject to new obstacles on a yearly basis. Today you learned more about the importance of maintaining a flexible freight truckload shipping system. Having the ability to avoid, or overcome, any obstacles will help you shift alongside the industry, opening the door for new business opportunities and more savings.

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